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USTR Extends Several Section 301 Exclusions for COVID-Related Products and Issues Comment Period


USTR Extends 81 Section 301 Exclusions for COVID-Related Products

81 of the originally granted Exclusions for COVID-related products were extended to November 30, 2022. The USTR is now granting an additional extension of these exclusions through February 28, 2023.

USTR’s formal notice of the continuation may be found here. Details on the next steps in the four-year review process will be set out in subsequent notices.

Section 301 Four-Year Review Public Docket

If you are interested in the comments being submitted regarding the Section 301 Tariffs, you can see them all at the link below. The docket opened on November 15th and will be open until January 17, 2023, with 70+ comments so far. Here is a link to view.