More than just a customs broker.
From our humble beginnings as a one-person Customs Brokerage House, we have strategically grown to provide you with complete transportation, brokerage, compliance and warehousing services worldwide.

Import Services


M.E. Dey has been working with U.S. Customs and clearing import cargo for over a century. Our experience helps ensure you stay compliant with the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Export Services


M.E. Dey has the necessary knowledge, experience and presence at ports worldwide to provide seamless delivery to your customer while ensuring shipments meet compliance standards.

International Freight Forwarding


With the large coverage span of our global network, 70 + partners and offices worldwide, and our dedicated staff of experts, you can count on M.E. Dey to meet your international shipping and transport needs.

Domestic Freight Forwarding


Daily, we work with a large network of reliable transportation providers to make it possible for us to provide the right equipment, delivery time and services for your shipment.

Compliance & Consulting


Through our consulting services M.E. Dey can assist you with any size compliance project–from individual rulings and screenings, to developing in-house compliance procedures.

Terms and Conditions


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We provide import and export services that meet the needs of any size business.